Music with a Royal Wedding theme

With photos of the Royal Wedding still finding their way onto the front pages of many newspapers, is it any wonder that my musical thoughts travel to England? When I think of English music, I think of Greensleeves.

Greensleeves sounds so beautiful on the Bowed Psaltery. It has a nice, easy-flowing sound that just floats across a room.
It’s a great tune for beginners to learn. This song has a melody that most people know. When you learn a song that you already know, you find yourself only having to think about which note to play. You don’t have to think about counting or how long to hold a particular note. You just know because you’re singing along. This makes learning to play a new tune like Greensleeves even easier.
That is why Greensleeves is one of the tunes you will find in my new book, Playing the Bowed Psaltery – a Step by Step Beginner’s Guide.
If you enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding, learn to play this tune on a Bowed Psaltery. Then the next time there’s a big, happy Royal event, you’ll be able to celebrate by playing an old English folk tune!