Duet with National Mt. Dulcimer Champion

By Terry Butler
Duet with National Mt. Dulcimer Champion Joe Collins in the background using his great CD  “Looking Ahead”.  Joe gave his permission for me to use a few of his songs for this purpose.  Thank you Joe!   I absolutely LOVE this CD!   I’m playing a tenor bowed psaltery tuned chromatically to the key of D (C# and F#s are moved to the right side and Cs and Fs were moved to the left.  This way all notes can be played on the right side! 
I’ve been working on a new secret project – actually several of them.  Only have one
finished so far, but thought I’d share photos of this one. 

The psaltery is 2-5/8″.  The bow is 2″  The pins are cut from the tiniest nails I could find – 1/4″ after cutting.  Only 1/8″  of each pin sticks up above the wood.  Really hard stringing this thing.
The bow strings are 14/0 black fly tying thread – super fine and 8 strands.
I plan on turning some of these into tac backed pins with the pinch type backs like tie tacks.
Also plan on turning a few into pendant necklaces.  Some will just be miniatures.
Cost will be $50 a set (psaltery + bow)  plus $3 shipping  (anywhere in the world) if anyone is interested and that is a bargain.  It took a full 7 hours to  string one, not including a half day for adding pins, and many more hours to make the body of the psaltery and bow and add 5 coats of lacquer to the wood (plus sanding).  I tried adding rosin to the bow to see if I could hear any sound, but didn’t. 
Could just be too high for me to hear.  :)
This is so beautiful!
Thanks to Terry for sharing these.

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  1. I see this is an old post. Do you still have bowed psaltery necklace?
    Thank you

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