Play Along with Sheet Music

BBC Radio has a great Virtual Session where the sheet music is displayed and music plays along in the background.

If you like to play with an accompaniment or learn by hearing a song played, this is a great site to visit.
When you click to open the Virtual Session, you see a book-style menu. Just click on what you want to see and hear!

So what’s in this book?

Have you been wondering what will be in this book?

  • Why Rosin a Bow?
  • Holding the Bow
  • Holding the Instrument
  • Playing a String or How to Make it Stop Squealing
  • Types of Bows
  • Tuning a Bowed Psaltery
  • Left-Handed Players
  • Marking Your Strings
  • Counting the Music or How to Fake Reading It
  • Playing By Ear
  • Playing Harmony or Accompanying a Singer
  • Do I have to Play Special Music?
  • Tunes to Get You Started