What Does A Bowed Psaltery Sound Like?

I wanted to share this video of beautiful music being played on the Bowed Psaltery.
The man in the overalls is Rick Long. He has been playing Bowed Psaltery for a lot of years. His mastery of the instrument is something I aspire to.
He also makes Bowed Psalteries, Ringing Strings. I have seen and heard his instruments. I’ve also had the opportunity to play one of Rick Long’s Bowed Psalteries. I can tell you that he is a master instrument maker as well as a fine musician.

Rick Long, Terry Butler and Donna Switzer playing bowed psalteries at the Cumberland Gap National Park Visitor Center – May 2011
Terry and Donna have only recently started playing the Bowed Psaltery. They both play very beautifully.
If you’d like to hear more bowed psaltery music, visit the forums at Psaltery Strings.