Play Along with Sheet Music

BBC Radio has a great Virtual Session where the sheet music is displayed and music plays along in the background.

If you like to play with an accompaniment or learn by hearing a song played, this is a great site to visit.
When you click to open the Virtual Session, you see a book-style menu. Just click on what you want to see and hear!

Top 5 Reasons to Learn an Instrument

1. Provides A Feeling of Accomplishment (Overcoming A Fear of Failure)

As adults, we often do not take on new challenges because of the fear of failure. Learning a simple instrument, like the Bowed Psaltery, can make success so much easier. If you’ve ever hear a beautiful song that made you wish that you played an instrument, don’t let the fear of failing keep you from enjoying the accomplishment of playing. 
2. Offers A Challenge
Learning to decipher the notes on the sheet music and make the instrument play that note, sounds like a huge challenge. But with a simple instrument, like the Bowed Psaltery, you can be playing well in weeks rather than years.
 3. Keeps your Mind Active
Playing music engages the whole brain. You have to read the notes, count the rhythm, and play the note. So many areas of the brain are stimulated in the act of playing a tune on an instrument. And although this sounds like a lot to do at once, it is amazing how easily your brain can adapt to doing this. Try to remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car. Driving required you to do so many more things at once and you accomplished that!
4. Gives the Gift of A Lasting Pleasure
Once you learn how to play an instrument, that is a skill you keep. You may stop playing for a month or a few years. But within a short time, you can be back to playing again. Because although you may get rusty, rust brushes off. The hard steel of the learned skill is still under that rust.
5. Makes you A Role Model for Others
Show your kids or grandkids that it’s never too late to learn to do something you enjoy. Let them see that some things take work, that not everything has instant gratification. And that work can make the accomplishment that much sweeter.