So what’s in this book?

Have you been wondering what will be in this book?

  • Why Rosin a Bow?
  • Holding the Bow
  • Holding the Instrument
  • Playing a String or How to Make it Stop Squealing
  • Types of Bows
  • Tuning a Bowed Psaltery
  • Left-Handed Players
  • Marking Your Strings
  • Counting the Music or How to Fake Reading It
  • Playing By Ear
  • Playing Harmony or Accompanying a Singer
  • Do I have to Play Special Music?
  • Tunes to Get You Started

Book Draft is Halfway Done

The draft of this book is about halfway written. I’ve just had to think about things I wish I’d known when I started playing. Things that would have made learning to play faster or easier. I’m enjoying writing this book. It’s very satisfying to think that all the time I’ve spent researching and talking to people will help someone else.