Play Along with Sheet Music

BBC Radio has a great Virtual Session where the sheet music is displayed and music plays along in the background.

If you like to play with an accompaniment or learn by hearing a song played, this is a great site to visit.
When you click to open the Virtual Session, you see a book-style menu. Just click on what you want to see and hear!

Music for the Bowed Psaltery

Sample of music arranged specifically for the bowed psaltery.


Donna Malus of has become an expert at arranging music for the bowed psaltery.
She shares her talent with us.
At the forum for bowed psaltery players, Donna has a discussion section called Sheet Music of the Month.
Her latest song arrangement is Waltzing Matilda. I can’t wait to try that one out!
She’s also arranged songs like Ode to Joy and Childgrove.
Childgrove is an English folk tune. Once you’ve heard it, it will become a favorite.
What is so good about these song arrangements is that in addition to being made especially for the bowed psaltery, lots of extras are provided.
  • sheet music with harmony,
  • audio of the music played at normal speed
  • audio at a slower speed


And with the inexpensive starter instrument sold here, you have no excuse not to play!