Beginner’s Book

Learn How to Play Music  Even If 

You’ve Never Played an Instrument Before.
If you have ever wanted to play a musical instrument but never felt you had the talent for it, this book is for you.
This book will show you how you can easily play tunes on the Bowed Psaltery for your enjoyment or entertaining the kids and grandkids.
The Bowed Psaltery sounds a lot like the violin or fiddle. 
“How can I play an instrument?”
2 Simple Steps to Playing Music You Can Enjoy with Your Family
Step 1
If you’ve never played an instrument before or only vaguely remember how to play, then Bowed Psaltery, The String Instrument Anyone Can Play is a book written just for you.
It takes you through:
  • How to tune the instrument
  • How to hold the instrument
  • How to play the strings and not make them squeal
  • How to read music (or pretend to)
  • Where to easily find music to play
  • How to play by ear

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Step 2
Pick up the simple to play Bowed Psaltery and start playing.
It’s that simple.


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It is also a good idea to get an inexpensive electronic tuner. It makes tuning so much easier.

To hear the bowed psaltery played beautifully, go to and check out some of the videos.
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